Beers of Europe Announce Free Delivery

Britain’s largest Beer and Spirits Warehouse respond to popular request.
Beers of Europe specialise in more than 5000 different beers, ciders, wines and spirits from all over the world. Such a unique and unrivalled range stirs up no end of orders from all over the British Isles, where they despatch hundreds of orders every week. Based in Setchey, just outside King’s Lynn, most of their custom comes from internet orders, to be sent across the country. The delivery charge that accompanies each order has long been on Beers of Europe’s list to tackle and finally they can answer many customer requests to offer newer methods with free delivery. This will be available to customers when placing orders online or over the telephone.
Speaking about the recent move, Social Media Manager Kate Clark said “Free delivery has been an objective of ours for some time. Paired with the obvious customer demand for the outcome has made this a big priority of late. Due to the size of our range, it has taken longer than expected to program, but recently we have been able to complete this and implement it into our system. We look forward to seeing it up and running and hope it will prove mutually beneficial for customers and ourselves.”
Customers themselves are partly to thank for the latest development, with their input into how Beers of Europe can improve at the forefront of everything they do. Free delivery is just the start of big things at the much loved company, with new developments underway at the Setchey based site to be completed in the next few years.
Beers of Europe fuel the United Kingdom with local beers, 95% spirits and everything in between. If you are not close enough to visit their incredible shop, displaying thousands of weird and wonderful bottles, then you can browse the full range on their website at