Charity Wood Festival

The old image of beer is one of huge casks travelling around on the back of a horse-drawn waggon. We have moved far from this ye olde world imagery but still there is something to the beer being held in wood. The way it ages, the ability of the beer to breathe and the fact that the angels are still taking part of each brew makes anything aged in wood something special. And rightly so, anybody who has the fortitude of leaving something in a barrel for 18 months without knowing what it tasted like beforehand must be applauded. But why don’t we celebrate this fact some more? Why isn’t everything barrel aged? Well… for the first time in York’s history we have a festival to cover our wood aged beer fetish.

The Falcon Tap, once again, has delivered the goods where this idea is involved. This Friday and Saturday (30 June – 1 July) the Falcon Tap will open its doors to a plethora of wood aged beer. Both in cask and keg all the beer will be available from some form of wood aging or input somewhere along its lifetime. All the beers will be special to the fest, unavailable elsewhere in this guise, with some crazy ideas played out in wood.

In cask we have up to 8 breweries supplying their wares with a further 6 or so on keg. Details are still being firmed up as we type this so do check back for updates:


Brew York: Tonkoko with vanilla, tonka and coffee bean placed in the cask.

Brass Castle: Sunshine, with tropical fruit placed in the cask.

Bad Seed: Single Hop Jester with summer berries in the cask.

Half Moon: Honeymoon

Black Jack: Jackfruit Bitter, with Jackfruit in the cask.

Turning Point: Disco King with 100g of hops placed in the cask, it’s actually green with hops

Still to confirm their beer are Eyes Brewery, Leeds, and North Riding with Vocation still to give final details. The keg bar is looking good too.


Bad Seed: Funk

Legitimate Industries: Bulleit Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout.

Plus many more still to be announced, trust us there is a secret beer that you do not want to miss. Something really, really good. Along with this there will be the usual bands going on Friday with the now impressively cool Ginchy Stardust as main headline. Saturday will have a DJ set with Funk & Soul being pumped out. There will be street food available however, at the time of writing nothing has been confirmed as to who, although the last few times we went to a beer fest in the Falcon, trust us, the food was all good.

As a heads up we need to say it will be a cash bar only so don’t expect tabs or credit card availability, dogs are more than welcome and they will be greeted with a fresh dog bowl upon arrival, no guarantee that there will be beer in there through!  Hey, did we mention its all FREE!!!!! Well the beer isn’t but entry is free and all money raised from the beer will go to help CALM who are a fantastic charity. They aim to help men who are at risk of suicide, which his the biggest killer around 45 years old.

This is the very first time there has been a wooden barrel aged beer fest in York AND WE CAN NOT wait for it to happen. See you at the front!