Cutthroat Porter

Based in Colorado, the Odell Brewery have been making their fine beers since the late 80s; originally a family-run microbrewery, only the second of its kind in Colorado back then, the business has expanded steadily into a sizable one, exporting beer all the way to York, England – which is how I have been lucky enough to partake.

cutthroat-bottle-glassBeing a big fan of porters, I opted for a bottle of their Cutthroat Porter, an attractive-looking product with embossed glass and purple label which perfectly suits the colour of the drink inside. This beer pours beautifully, a smooth and glossy liquid which is almost completely black, passing the ‘admit no light’ test with flying colours. There’s some head when you add it to your glass, but this soon dissipates altogether and you’re left with just the porter itself.

It pours well then, and the first impression that this porter gives you is that you can expect a lot of liquorice and chocolate. The liquorice comes through first, though, and the sweetness in the aroma is replaced by coffee – which grows and grows on the palate as you drink. This is a nicely malty drink, too, which packs a surprising punch, given that it’s 4.8% by volume, at least according to the bottle I received (the website says 5.1%).

Whichever is the case, Cutthroat Porter certainly belies its relatively low alcohol content (considering that many porters and stouts are much more potent) but the biggest plus point is that by having a slightly lower ABV than the flavours suggest, you can enjoy more of it (if you’re lucky!) This is a really enjoyable beer, and a worthwhile representative of a fine brewer.