Disco Flux

Tunrning Point started brewing a year ago almost exactly and from then on have exploded onto the scene with some stunning beer. They have managed to bag numerous awards on their route into the beer world and with good reason, sheer hard work and perseverence. Today they release a mix up on their core range classic Disco King, along with another great Cosmic Flux to create Disco Flux. Taking their classics and combining them they’ve ramped up the ABV to 7.5% and gone a little crazy on the hops by adding Simcoe, Mosaic, Chinook and Citra that will allegedly have you dancing like the Disco King himself!

This beer was available in both dispensing formats, cask and keg which is always nice to have the opportunity to try. You get to see the differences in style, the flavours that appear in one that are more mutes in the other. In this case there really is a large difference between styles. Both obviously pour the same slightly hazy orange-yellow hue, the keg with thick creamy head whilst the cask with the same thick effervescence however this disperses quickly. Straight from the off the differences start, the aroma, the keg has a tight crisp and subtle citrus nose to it, hints of hop;  whilst the cask is more bold in its bouquet, rambunctious tropical fruits bound to the fore whilst the citrus and earthy notes move more to the background. Flavours are similar to the aromas, obviously, the keg being crisp and refreshing, with a good balance between the citrus sharp and the tropical sweet notes all with a good background hop bitter to keep it all in check. The cask however is big and bold, massive notes of tropical fruits hit you square in the head followed quickly by  dry bitterness round the edge of the palate.

Both styles are eminently drinkable and excellent and I would recommend both, I feel I prefer the keg ever so slightly but that could be down to the coldness and carbonation being something I was craving as I came in through the door. Personally the beer feels tighter and more balanced as a keg beer, the ABV of 7.5% not being that obvious in the mix as opposed to the cask.

Available at: The Rook & Gaskill, Lawrence Street, York
Worthy of a trip: 7/10