Many’s the beer drinker who will be enticed by the image of a horned Viking, not to mention the inquisitive joys of trying something new. So it was that one of two beers brewed by Einstök Beer Company of Iceland found their way into my basket.

Icelandic-White-AleThe Einstök brewery are located 60 miles south of the Arctic circle in the fishing village of Akureyri, and it is hard not to escape the sense that something of the region would seep into the makeup of this whitbier. So it is that upon pouring we see a lemon-pale opacity that suggests a refreshing but light drop. The nose reveals no more than a slight sourness.

The first sip immediately brings the strongest flavour component to the tongue, namely the metallic tones of coriander root, which along with the addition of orange peel form part of the brewing process. Unlike say the quirky Japanese Hitachino Nest, in which the orange juice features so strongly it dominates and creates a most un-booze like brew, the orange adding to the brewing process reveals itself more in terms of a gentle citrus bitterness. There is a touch of oat which rounds off the flavour, but overall this is a very refreshing and crisp whitbier. The metallic coriander makes it extremely drinkable. Due its arctic origins this would be an immense choice for a session during summer heat but there is enough depth of flavour to make is an excellent starter despite a relative lack of ABV clout.

Clean, crisp and pure in both taste and production this is a promising start to a journey of discovery with this relatively new brewery.

ABV: 5.2%