Fined vs Unfined Fest

Finings are something that seem to go on in the beer world somewhat under the radar, are they in the beer or not? How can I find out? And, should I really care? Finings as we all know are additives that make the sediment or cloudiness disappear in beer thusly creating crystal clear liquid, all sparkly and shiny. Just like real beer should be, or should it? Some time ago, on the May Bank  Holiday in 2015, York’s top ale house The Rook & Gaskill challenged you as you whether there is a difference between fined and unfined beer. This was the first time we had ever seen something like this and to be fair we were very interested in seeing if we could notice any difference. Does beer actually come out fresh from the fermenter this pristine? If it doesn’t what goes on in the brewery or transport to make it so pure and does this mean that this beautiful clear liquid is anything but beautiful?

Paul at The Rook & Gaskill are once again putting on a showcase of beer from four local breweries in both fined and unfined versions. There will be one beer from each brewer on show coming from the exact same batch so you can see the difference and maybe even taste the difference and hopefully decide for yourselves whether to add finings or not is a question that should be asked. The festival starts on Friday 7th July and goes through till the end of Saturday 8th June. The four breweries that will be showcasing their wares will be Treboom, Ghost, Kirkstall and Roosters with members from the breweries themselves being on hand for Q & A sessions. Obviously it goes without saying that the Rook team will be on hand, as ever, with some fantastic beer and the wood fired pizza oven will be in full swing producing some of the city’s best pub grub.
Come along and open your eyes, well taste buds, to what will certainly be an interesting and definitely informative few days of beery goodness.