Fuck Art – The Heathens Are Coming

Now, let’s be fair and say that in the popular consciousness, Denmark and decent beer don’t naturally walk hand in hand. In fact, the Scandinavian nations generally have been seemingly quite slow to catch up to the weird and wonderful world of making good beer, or at least the rest of Europe and America have been slow to catch up to them, but in any case – they’re making up for lost time. There are some really nice brews from that part of the world now – and even if these didn’t already get your attention by nature of hailing from Scandinavia, a name like ‘Fuck Art, The Heathens Are Coming’ would surely do it

fuck-artThe produce of the To Øl (Two Beers) Brewery (which itself has strong links to another brewery from Denmark, Mikkeller), Fuck Art…comes from what is self-described as a ‘gypsy brewery’. That is, the creators of the beer don’t own all of their own equipment, but rather brew at various locations, meaning they can travel, learn and spread the word about their ideas at the same time (and also that their brews can be produced anywhere). This ties in with the desire of the brewers, Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther, to forge a young company – rather than harping on about brewers which are hundreds of years old already. They’re a young company indeed, formed only in 2010 – but doing a good job thus far at getting their products exported and enjoyed globally.

This is the first of their beers I’ve tried, however, and I’ll admit to picking it up out of pure curiosity, having read that brand name! The rather minimalist appearance – with its variously ‘pagan’ images occupying only the margins of the label – only fueled that curiosity.  Onto the beer itself then…

It’s a pale, golden saison style ale which pours slightly opaque, and it’s a surprisingly lively one, even for a saison. The first hit you get is all citrus, with some more sweet notes coming through afterwards, but whatever, it’s promisingly tangy. On first taste, that citrus vibe is borne out, and this is a refreshing, fragrant and slightly spicy beer. On further drinking, a yeasty flavour begins to get more and more apparent – even coming to the fore a bit too much for my tastes, but not knocking out the other tastes altogether.

As a first impression of To Øl, this is certainly positive. It’s a reasonably light beer but flavoursome, different from my usual tastes perhaps but a steady grower. It’s always good to pick up on a new product from a new company, and I’d definitely give these a whirl in future.

ABV: 5.4%