Gamma Ray

It being April the weather outside is becoming warmer and so with this in mind we at The Drunken Goat decide to break out the lighter side of the IPA to our usual love of the dark porters.  We normally go for a good strong powerful IPA or even a black IPA but seeing as it will soon become a hot summer we decided to check out an American hopped IPA. This Bevertown IPA fits the ticket hopefully pretty damned well. 


This beer pours as a hazy golden orange beer topped with a thick creamy white head. You are struck immediately with strong fruit aromas, mangos, and citrus fruits hit home quickly. These give way to a slight hoppy aroma but those fruits are massive and the hoppy bitterness being lost slightly  amongst them all.

Onto the taste then. Again, you are hit hard in the mouth with mangos and grapefruits as the citrus hops of the Magnum, Bravo and Columbus varieties bludgeon you from all sides. Sweet yet with slight bitter notes these hops lend a lovely summery feel to this beer. Deeply refreshing and satisfying. The ale has a slightly creamy mouth feel to it which helps spreading the luscious fruity qualities all around the palate and allowing it to linger well on the tongue. Subtle caramels and toffees wash in after the fruits leave the stage.

At 5.4% this has a good amount of ABV without it feeling too heavy, the beer is better for this too. A lighter more summery feel to this beer works well with the tropical fruitiness, lending itself well to a hot afternoon refresher. Utterly perfect for a hot sunny afternoon by the BBQ or on the beach.

ABV: 5.4%