As we have mentioned before, Northern Monk have been going from strength to strength and have been releasing  an almost never-ending stream of amazing beer. So in the light of this will the new release of Glory, a 10.5% Triple IPA, be another belting brew or one to forget that it even happened? Released alongside its brethren called Death (a dark full on Imperial Stout weighing in at a gargantuan 12%) it creates  nice set, ‘Death & Glory’, two monumental beasts to ride out into beer country. And what a country, full of all kinds of beer and the craft bubble is still expanding. All these new beers could pose a problem, especially in IPA land, as anything new has to now fight for more attention to even be seenand so something like a humble IPA has to be done well and with a difference to make it worthy of even noticing.

Enter Northern Monk then, purveyors of a fantastic line of beer that could easily be, if not are,  some of the best in the land. Well they firstly don’t disappoint and secondly they don’t hold their punches either. This brew is a beast, from the initial aroma that bursts with tropical hop notes right the way through to the taste. Oh my, that taste. If you have ever tried brewing your own beer then you know that moment you open the foil on the fresh hop packet and tip it into the boil. That massive hit of fresh hop. Juicy, heady and oh so intense. Yeah. That just happened in the flavour profile of this beer. Huge hop. HUGE. But not bitter, juicy topicality and resinous notes are big here  almost sweet in note. Subtle biscuit notes are present too that round out the beer only to be followed swiftly by a  good warmth coming from the alcohol, all 10.5% of it. Sometimes a beer with this high an ABV can be spiky or ‘hot’ with booze but this is mellow, rounded and pleasing, deep to its core. Yeah it’s ANOTHER IPA, yeah they’re no longer an underground brewer, but damn that is one tasty big ass beer from Northern Monk that I needed in my life right about now and fair bloody play for that. Yes. Try it tell me I’m wrong; I’m not am I?

Find it. Drink it. Thank the Goat! Praise be to the Northern Brethren!

Available at: The Falcon Tap & The House of Trembling Madness
Worthy of a trip: 8/10