Gozer initially caught my eye due to its name being synonymous with the Ghostbusters uber-gribbly. However a closer inspection showed the beer to be made by a newly started up Dutch brewing team and so the Great Gozerian of film fame turned into a more colloquial Dutch name for a guy, or a chap.  More a geezer than a Great Gozer then. This brew is an oatmeal stout with a rather hefty 9.8% ABV. A sure-fire heavy hitter but would it have any flavour or depth of quality to it as well?

gozerUpon pouring you can tell this will be a strong ale. It’s thick black, oily character is obvious as it oozes more than pours into the glass. It holds a small tan coloured head which dissipates quickly to leave just a light lacing on the surface, the oils from the oats negating any head retention. Immediately you can tell of the chocolate and intense maltiness this beer holds as the pungency of these strong aromas leaps out at you. Subtler hints of fruit and liquorice are apparent but only as fleeting glimpses, always swallowed up in the sea of chocolate and malt.

Onto the taste. Intensely dark flavours attack the palate from all sides. First you are hit by dark cocoa, then by malts and coffees, next a strong bitterness from liquorices and dark fruits. The blend is intoxicating and that’s before the sledgehammer of a 9.8% ABV tag hits you in the jaw! And it does hit hard. The alcohol is a brute here but masked in a velvet glove. It is powerful, yet satisfying. The massive alcohol content on offer here is blended in nicely with all the darker flavours. The beer has an enticing thick body to it that draws you in with its sticky qualities, slightly bitter yet devilishly powerful. The very first taste will wake you up like a hit to the temple with a fur-coated club!

gozer-500x500Once the beer starts warming up though the subtleties of the oatmeal start to come through. Slightly savoury biscuity notes appear. The heavy hitters are still there but they are now entwined around these new complex and subtle aromas. Deeply satisfying, this beer ticks almost all the boxes for me. Dark, complex and as powerful as a hand grenade. Maybe a smidge too powerful. Perhaps easing back off the ABV could help bring through some subtler flavours more. And for me to say this about ABV is surprising nevertheless.

ABV: 9.8%