Toasted Porter

Having begun my evening’s consumption (and indeed my arduous task of officially reporting back to Goat HQ) with a white ale it seemed entirely appropriate to move smoothly on to another offering from Iceland’s Einstök brewery. And while that whitbier captured perfectly the cold and purity of the arctic realms, this toasted porter is a very different proposition.

Standing shoulder to shoulder these two staunch faced Vikings are the opposite of one another in image and as it is when you pour, an ominously dark counterpart to the pale winter sun coloured whitbier flows from the bottle. Somewhat in common with the white ale, this has an interesting nose, but one which tells you much more about the flavour. For true to the legend inscribed on the face of the bottle, this is a toasted porter and boy does the toasted oat dominate the nose as we plunge fearlessly into its black depths…

Sure enough it is in the aforementioned toasting process where the character of this porter is defined. At 6% it is a good strength for a porter, just sufficient to hold to that description before entering the heavyweight realms usually inhabited by the stout. And in it’s relatively smooth character, quite enjoyable cold, it is an easy to drink specimen full of burnt caramel bitterness and toasty malt.

Having discovered this brewery this evening I am quite tempted to look out for the rest of their range, especially the Dopelbock. But like all here at the Drunken Goat, I’m hoping they move inexorably into the battlegrounds upon which the Imperial stouts and the like stride, thereby truly living up to their Viking heritage. ‘Drink. Conquer. Repeat’ indeed.