I Wanna Be Your Dog

To be fair, whenever we see the word Omnipollo in the beer circle, we normally go a little mental. Just like  Mikkeller and To Ol they just issue forth cool. You just HAVE to try them. The only issue we get is the fact that being from Sweden, they are less than likely to turn up in your local boozer. Here enters BrewDog. That divisive company does it again by offering up a collaboration with these legends and then not only that, selling the results from their taps. Your local bar couldn’t even think of doing that, so big props to the ‘Dog on that one..

This beer is a dark, unctuous obsidian liquid, coating the glass beautifully. The most amazing aroma issues forth from this beer;  it’s like your mum’s best chocolate cake mixed with choc cereal crunch and just well… anything else that smells awesome. Honestly, I think this may be the best aroma I’ve ever smelled. If this could be put in a Glade plug-in then we’d all be happier.  Flavour balance is impressive, but basically it’s a chocolate hit after hit. Pure smash bangers. To be fair, we haven’t yet mentioned the ABV… 12.5 %… yeah, you wouldn’t notice it that much; it’s a pokey brew but you likely wouldn’t notice that whilst drinking it.

Available: BrewDog York
Worthy of a trip: 8/10