Icelandic Toasted Porter

This beer is a first for us here at the Goat. A beer hailing from the Viking north, a place we always thought would be full of ale producing breweries but have ,as yet, not had the pleasure of trying out. With the Viking Festival in York in full swing we get to grips with this Asgardian porter and hail you all with a skál!

IMG_1199This pours almost jet black leaving a small light tan head which disappears quite quickly. Mild aromas of roasted malt and subtle hints of coffee erupt from the glass. The beer however is very light on the palate not befitting of its dark nature. A beer looking this dark and called a porter would lead you to think of a thick, heavy beast of a beer. This however is a light, almost lager-like brew. Nimble with its flavours allowing them to dance around your taste buds with ease, flooding your mouth with complex tastes and aromas. Initial hits of roasted malt and chocolate give way to subtler hints of chocolate and liquorice. The various hops poke though here and there giving the beer a slight fruity character but not invading the primary flavour balance at all.

With its 6% ABV it should feel a lot heavier than it is but the lager malts and hops used here mean the ale is a lighter feeling affair and very refreshing almost feeling like a black IPA or a black lager. This has won numerous awards including a gold for the LA International Beer Competition. We here at the Goat can agree strongly with these plaudits, the beer is of excellent quality with a good strong flavour that has been balanced expertly. Light and refreshing yet powerful. We look forward to more from the Icelandic contingent in the near future.

ABV: 6%