Imperial Lord Smog Almighty

We are a great fan of all things Beavertown here at The Drunken Goat so when we heard of their new brew we got rather excited. The regular reader of ours knows we love Beavertown stuff, their imagery and their beer, plus you know we love a big heavy hitting imperial beer. Well, when we saw Beavertown producing an Imperial smoked stout we almost lost our minds in happiness. Here is what happened when we finally got our hooves on the hallowed ground.

Once again Beavertown knock it out of the park with their artwork, the can looking almost too good to break the seal but the 10% smokey goodness that lies within is just too tempting to not dive straight in. On the pour we are greeted by a thick resinous black liquid that oozes out of the can in an oily rivulet. Collecting in the glass beneath it produces hardly with any head and what it does create is thick and creamy, tan in colour. The aroma is rather lacking though and the promise of a smoky beer is very subtle, if it’s there at all. More prevalent are the notes of chocolate and vanilla even hints of leather but that smoke seems elusive.

beavertown_lord_smog_mainThe flavours are again chocolates and malts, thick and resinous the beer is very creamy coating the mouth in an almost oily quality. There is however quite a high sweet content with this beer, treacly in nature and this carries through from the start to the end of the flavour landscape, never subsiding or letting many of the other flavours develop to the fore. There are hints of dark fruit, raisins, malt and a really subtle smoke but that sweetness just overburdens these into the background. It feels a little too overpowerful in its nature, there doesn’t seem to be any bitter notes to counteract the sweetness much to the detriment of the beer, the alcohol is masked by the treacle and with it being a massive 10% that’s quite a lot of sweetness. It has a similar mouth feel to a really thick heavy Belgian style quad however it lacks much of their complex flavour balancing opting for a massive sweet hit and high ABV to carry it through.

We wanted to love this beer, we wanted to have its babies, we wanted to grow old together however, as many people say if you meet your heroes sometimes they can turn out to be disappointing. This may have happened here. The lure of the 10% hit and the smoky dark beer was too much for us when all we got was sweet slightly sickly fruit all the time. We could detect some other notes here and there but the sweetness overpowered everything for us. We wanted some bitterness or some acid to cut back but to no avail. Ah well, we still love the Beavertown crew for the rest of their impressive line up even if this one misses the mark for us.

ABV: 10%