Here at The Drunken Goat we are a fan of all beers. Far and indeed wide. However we do have an affinity with those of the dark persuasion. Incognito is most definitely quite dark in appearance being pretty much jet black and with its tag of a port stout we were most definitely intrigued. We stared into the dark foreboding liquid to see whether it would stare back into us…

IncognitoPintThis beer pours deep, deep black with very subtle specks of red if a light is shone through it. Not necessarily an opaque beer but very, very dark indeed. It has atop its obsidian-esque body a light tan head consisting of large bubbles. Not as compact as most of the head disappears quicker than would usually be expected with such a dark thick beer. Aromas issuing forth from its jewel-like midnight liquid are mostly woody almost smokey. Hints of raisin or prune appear amongst other subtler perfumes of bread and toast.

Upon the palate the beer initially feels light. Almost too light compared to its inky darkness, but this soon goes as the flavour floods in. And boy does it. Almost wine-like the flavours of grape move around the mouth. Obviously this backs up the ‘port’ part of the nomenclature, rich and fruity with plenty of mouth feel. All very wine sounding that. Dark malts though come through to help the obvious fruit out bringing this back into the realms of a darker beer like a porter. Small amounts of chocolate and hoppy bitterness entwine to balance out the flavour profile of this beer beautifully leaving a well-rounded taste. The ABV of this beer is a respectable 4.8%, whilst being a little on the light side for a very dark stout beer (almost porter-like in style), doesn’t leave the beer short of kick. It’s a good weight of alcohol, not too much to overpower the flavours involved   but enough to keep it from feeling to thin and weak.

All in all a good beer. Excellent as a session beer as it has good flavour but isn’t too strong giving you the best of both worlds. Highly drinkable and recommended.

ABV: 4.8%