Indie Pale Ale

BrewDog have it pretty much nailed down when it comes to trying new beers, they either get in a raft of unknown guys or do a new beer and tell you why you need it. Marketing. Pure and simple. Which I have no problem with if it all goes to plan. The latest brew was called the ‘Indie Pale Ale’ meant to instill ideas of independent brewing companies and how it all used to be  (either that or a horrid hipster vision I don’t dare think of). Brewed apparently to interest the guys who like lager, even though that’s exactly what Punk IPA was brewed for. Still, its all good trying to coerce the lager boys into the beery fold, isn’t it?

This beer pours as a lager, golden and effervescent.  Not much on the aroma and to be fair the taste is quite poor. Punk IPA was designed to tempt lager drinkers, it worked. This is now designed to tempt the rest, I wouldn’t bother. Not because I’m a beer snob but because this stuff is as bad as the stuff you are trying to tempt them away from. Really quite chemically bad. I’ve tried better mainstream lagers. Yeah I said that.
Available at: Brewdog nationwide.
Worthy of a trip: 2/10