Jaipur X

We tasted the Jaipur not too long ago and we were thoroughly excited to find out that Thornbridge have decided to bring out a special brew of the same beer called Jaipur X. Why the X you may ask? Well, Thornbridge are currently celebrating 10 years in the business of making damn fine beer and so as a hurrah to this they have been making X versions of their beers. Their Jaipur won over our taste buds not too long back so will the new suped-up X version be worth the wait.

IMG_1262This pours as a crystal clear amber liquid with a good creamy head atop its surface. Initial aromas that effuse from the beer are of light summer fruits like apricots and pineapples with odd hints of hops and pine. Hardly any whiff of alcohol is noticeable which is impressive for a mighty 10% ale. The taste then, masses of fruits again explode in your mouth. Apricots, peaches and pineapples roam around your tongue looking for trouble and they are soon have backup from their mates caramel and hops. These flavours are impressively balanced never getting too heavy on the palate but never really dispersing off into nothingness. Powerful in their subtlety. A light malty biscuit flavour appears after the main fruits have done their bit adding to the richness of the flavourings on show here. Only right at the end of the tasting does the powerful warmth of that 10% ABV turn up almost non-existent at first but growing to a vast warming crescendo that rises up the back of the throat and into the nose with zesty fury. It’s almost a surprise when it turns up on the first sip as the powerful alcohol is impressively disguised amongst the flavours of the fruits, you are left feeling is this really a ten percenter and then woosh the tsunami of warming zesty aromas washes over you.

JXA truly beautiful beer, clean and distinguished with great flavour combinations but with a full on red-blooded ABV that will knock you sideways if you’re not ready for it. Powerful, and subtle. Incredibly well-flavoured with expert balancing of fruits, malts and hops leading you on a magical journey.  We loved the original Jaipur enough to give it 4 goats, we walked many many miles to find a bar that stocked this ten-year celebration of Thornbridge’s art and to be fair we would walk a good ten times that again to try this beast out one more time.