With it all wet and dreary outside, what better time to bring a bit of summer into our lives with the delights of a hoppy ale? Thornbridge’s Jaipur gives us hope of an Indian summer feel in a glass and so, here at the Drunken Goat, we were only too happy to oblige.

thornbridge-jaipurThis beer pours beautifully in an ever so slightly viscous liquid giving off a sheen of luxury, its thick white head settling neatly atop its sunshine orangey-yellow body. Masses of citrusy aromas emirate from its frothy head and the huge presence of hops is apparent as they would be in an IPA. Slight subtleties of pineapple permeate through the fruits to give a gentle sweetness to its nose. The taste is somewhat similar, the thick liquid heavy with citrus hops coating the mouth with an almost creamy consistency. The fruits are not overly sweet however with the bitterness of hops counterbalancing the heady pineapples and oranges. The huge hoppy flavour landscapes are gently quelled with slight honied notes at the end of its trip over your palate. THe aftertaste lingers with excellent combinations of fruit and bitter hop forcing you to delve back in for another sip.

JaipurXAt 5.9% the beer has a punch but the well-rounded fruitiness of the beer masks this well. It is neither too thin or overly powerful and so is a perfect blend with the rest of the pint. Personally I would allow this beer to warm slightly from the cold liquid poured from the hand pump, this allows the beer to breathe and release all its beautiful flavours. With Jaipur X, a 10% version of this stunning brew, just being released we are awaiting with bated breath to try that beast!

ABV: 5.9%