Another great yet simple recipe from the guys at The Brewery d’ Achouffe using some of their legendary beer. This time around we use their dark strong belgian style beer for a meatball recipe with that beery twist. The 8% dark flavour behemoth adds a great malty quality to the sauce which in this recipe which would be great for a hungry 2 or a starter for 4 people. Now its getting cooler in the evenings get some beery warmth into your food.

Easy recipe – Serves 2-4
Preparation: 30 min – Cooking time: 25 min

1 kg minced pork and veal
1 whole egg
2 chopped onions
200 g light breadcrumbs

For the sauce:
150 ml water
½ chopped onion
1 tbsp vinegar
raisins, prunes
2 tbsps Liège syrup
2 tbsps Mc CHOUFFE®

To make the meatballs, grease an ovenproof dish with butter and flour lightly. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Mix the ingredients and form balls of about 120 g each. Place the meatballs in the dish and cook in the oven for around 20 minutes at 200°C.

For the sauce, place all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat gently. As soon as the sauce begins to boil, add the meatballs and leave to reduce for a few minutes. One minute before serving, add the Mc CHOUFFE®, bring to the boil again and serve.