Bradford brewery are a fresh-faced new-comer to the land of brewing after launching themselves into the market in February this year. With only a few months under their belt can their beer show the depth and refinement that some of the more established brewers can. For the first, and hopefully not the last time, The Drunken Goat goes for a beery adventure with the Bradford boar.

Our first foray into the realms of Bradford Brewery’s menu of beers is one of our favourite styles of ale. This particular dark brew is a milk stout in origin, thick and heavy-looking with its creamy white head sitting atop it proudly. Initial aromas are of heavily roasted malts and sweet caramels. It’s a fairly clean aroma, not masses of differing qualities but what it does, it does well.

Magick2The all important flavour then. The beer has a good mouthfeel with a fairly thick silky texture coating the mouth with its beery goodness. However maybe not as thick as the obsidian-dark exterior may belie, we have had many inky-black beers and many are super viscous affairs, some almost treacle-like. This however has a creamy, or should we say milky, consistency which gives a good coating to the palate without being overly cloying. The milky qualities come through again in the form of the taste, enough richness to hint towards its dairy enrichment but never too creamy to overpower the drink. Subtle smokiness effuses around the palate, dancing with lightly roasted malts and a slight bitterness. These flavours fade leaving a fairly clean aftertaste making this quite an easily drinkable beer. Not too thick and full of flavour for a slow measured contemplation of flavour, nor thin and lack lustre which leads you off looking for a different brew altogether.

Along with its decent 5.3% ABV this is a good all round stout, good flavour, good strength and definitely one to go back for another pint. For a fledgling company in the world of beer this is an excellent example of what is to come from these guys in Bradford. We’d give it a full 4 out of 5 if we could but it falls just short of some other 4 pointers in here, however it’s definitely better than a 3½. Our first 3¾ then but we’ll give them the 4 Goats badge as we don’t have a 3¾ image made up! Keep an eye out for the Bradford boar a rootling and a tootling around your local watering hole next time around.

Big up Bradford? Damn right if this beer is to go by.


ABV: 5.3%