Mercury Seven

Mercury Seven is a relative newcomer in the realm of keg beers, and it was with great interest that we saw it appear in the local on tap. Fresh on and ready to go, we got straight into the tricky part of seeing what it was actually like. As a fan of rye beers and IPAs in general it could only be a good thing, surely? Read on…

Taken from Jim H. on Untappd. No © infringment intended.
Taken from Jim H. on Untappd. No © infringment intended.

The beer pours as a straw brown yet hazy colour, straight from key keg there is no need for filtering giving us this hazy quality. The pump clip stats a ‘Red Rye Ale’, however this colouring is more reminiscent of a pale or an IPA than a red rye that I have encountered before. The aromas are quite floral with plenty of hoppy qualities in it. However all the bouquets are fairly subtle on the nose.

The flavour however has a great deal of punch, with plenty of malts giving a fairly spicy undertone upon which the other flavours can balance themselves. Over the top of these malty notes masses of American and Australian hops come in with bitter qualities in abundance dying down on the palate into fruity, slightly tropical tastes. A great balance of bitter hops and sweeter malts and fruits make this quite a deft balancing act which 360° have made a great job of.

Refreshing and satisfying this beer is very good and at 5.2% is of a good ABV to be worth drinking, however maybe the moniker of a Red Rye ale is deceptive, I would call it more an IPA. However, this is only down to us after trying many other ‘red rye’ beers which were russet of colour and a slightly different flavour. This doesn’t detract from the quality of his one though, well worthy of being in any pint pot.

ABV: 5.2%