It’s getting a little colder around the bits once again but this is no reason to stop trying out some of the lighter sides to brewing. The pale ale fits neatly into this arena, using more predominately pale malts and warm fermentation, this beer is more suited to a hot summers day. Here at the Goat though we don’t discriminate between beers. All are equal. So when it’s getting brass monkeys outside we tried a pint from the guys at Brass Castle inside. See what we did there… anyway, on with the review.

MosaicThis beer pours, as you would expect, with a light amber pale colour. A thick creamy head of white foam adorns its uppermost section whilst beneath it clouds of thick bubbles settle slowly in a wave-like action. This beer takes a while to settle once poured but it does so to a satisfying golden colour. The aromas that come from this beer are intoxicating; vibrant with tropical fruits and citrus notes. It holds no punches with these heady notes, subtleties of pine backing up the already powerful fruits.

The tasting brings these fruits again to the fore. Sweet pineapple mixes with a good bitterness of grapefruit. These fruits dance around a central core of mild hoppy pungency which stabilises the swirling mass into a coherent blend of flavours. Never overpowering in one dimension the multitude of flavour layers are impressive. Slightly bitter on the palate the after-taste lingers a while, allowing you to reminisce on the tropical adventure you have just taken.

Ever so slightly creamy in the mouth feel, this beer is smooth and sophisticated and at 4.3% it has a good balance of alcohol to flavours. Not too strong to kill the fruitiness but with enough oomph to power through. A real taste sensation and recommended for trying out in the summer months, this is a light fruity beer that we would even drink when it’s less tropical outside.

ABV: 4.3%