Northern Alchemy Falcon Tap Takeover

Tonight The Falcon Tap will have its bracken over by Northern Alchemy brewery. Northern Alchemy is a microbrewery working out of a converted 30 foot shipping container, lovingly known as The Lab, sited just behind The Cumberland Arms in The Ouseburn area of Newcastle upon Tyne. They focus on flavour led beers that are sold in keykegs, bottles (330ml) and occassionaly cask.Run by two brothers-in-law Andy Aitchison and Carl Kennedy they aim to explore what flavours can lend themselves to different beer styles.

Exploring everything that beer can be is their modus operandi. From the variations available in the malt profile to the incredible choices in hops from all around the world. And then there are the flavours (adjuncts) that can be added.

All Northern Alchemy beers are entirely natural products. Unfined (no ‘finings’ made from fish swim bladders and therefore suitable for vegans) & unfiltered. This means all of the flavours deliberately chosen for the beers are exactly what the customer should taste. Most of their beers will have a natural haze to them because they don’t subject our beers to these extra processes, in our opinion it’s how beer should be.

The Falcon will be open as usual with the taps going all Northern Alchemy at 7pm. This looks like a fantastic line up as you can see below some great brews on including some exclusives to York. Get down there for some top brews, not only that but the continuing saga of inter-pub beer pong will continue with a match between The Falcon themselves and The Fossegate Social. Beer and beer sports, that the sort of night The Drunken Goat can get right behind!

On the bar

60 Additions Continuously Hopped Pilsner 5.6%

A pilsner malt base, continuously hopped every minute for the 60 minutes of the boil with Styrian Bobek, Delta, Motueka, Amerillo & Simcoe Hops. Then dry hopped with Motueka, Amerillo & Simcoe.

Lactose 1/2 IPA 3.6%

A well hopped 1/2 strength IPA with the amounts of New World hops you’d expect from a full strength IPA. Brewed with Lactose sugars for a full, thick and creamy mouthfeel.

Lavender Black Berlinerweiss 3.2%

A soured beer using our own Lactobacillus strain for fermentation. This low ABV sour has a lavender flower infused mash to impart the flavours and is darkened with Carafe 3 Special.

Marmalade & Assam Tea IPA 7.4%

This strong East Coast style IPA has a huge malt bill that includes Extra Pale Marris Otter, Amber, Crystal and Carapils malts. It is then very heavily hopped using Sonnet, Summit, Amarillo and Rakau hops in ever increasing amounts. The final beer is then conditioned on the deconstructed ingredients of Marmalade and Assam Tea.

Lemon & Vanilla Oatmeal Stout 6.0%

A classic stout. Hopped with Pacific Jade for bittering and Summit midway and boil end for aroma & flavour. Conditioned on fresh lemon zest and vanilla pods.

Styrian Bobek, Cascade & Lemon Grass Pale 3.9%

Brewed using only extra pale malt and the signature hops added at the start of the boil, near the end and a final hop steep. Lemongrass is also added in to the late boil to accentuate the hop profiles and add to the refreshing nature of this pale ale, without become a headline flavour of its own.
This beer is brewed exclusively for The Cumberland Arms (our brewery tap) and cannot be found on cask anywhere else. A real ‘tickers’ coup in York as you’re the first ever customer to have it away from home!

Moroccan Spiced Mild 3.5%

A traditional British Mild style with Marris Otter, Crystal, Amber and Chocolate malts with an addition of Ras El Hanout Persian spice mix late in the boil.

Galaxy & Eldorado Amber 4.6%

An amber coloured malt bass using pale Marris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate and Wheat malts. A small amount of Eldorado is used for littering and then a whole bunch of both headline hops are added in the hop steep after the boil.

Dark Chocolate & Mint Milk Stout 5.1%

A malt base of Pale Maris Otter, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley and a handful of Oats. Gently hopped on Bramling Cross and Pacific Jade. Lactose and 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate are added to the late boil. This Milk Stout is then conditioned on a whole load of torn mint leaves and a tiny amount of mint essence for aroma.

U.S Session Pale 4.1%

A session pale made entirely with US hops. A combination of Chinook, Cascade and Citra, added in increasing amounts towards the end of the boil and then dry hopped with Citra. A malt bill made primarily with pale malt and a touch of wheat.