Patrons Project 3.04 – ATTACK ON BLUE FALCON

Northern Monk have gone from strength to strength, from a small compact brewery to a name found in M&S on many a train station. And fair dos to them, they have worked hard hit their standards and never missed a beat when it comes to something new in the beer scene. In fact I would argue that they, Beavertown, Cloudwater and Magic Rock are pretty much the scene anyway.
Every time I see a new Patron Project beer I’m always excited, it’s not just a beer by a brewery but one that has been crafted with love between them and another local company. Companies that have nothing to do with beer but when we get together the best comes out right? Yes.

This beer is dark and syrupy looking with loads of creamy head. On the nose we get plenty of blueberries along with subtle hints of citrus hop. The taste is a good thick beer with slight notes of blueberry, not so much to be cloying, and a good roasted malt backbone.

Damn nice. Worthy of a pint indeed.So close to a 4/5 you wouldn’t believe

Found at : The Falcon Tap

Worth a trip: 7/10