Pride & Joy

At last, the hot weather is upon us and with it comes the pleasure of the finest thing known to man. Well second thing, beer is obviously the first, we are talking of the beer garden. There’s nothing better than sitting back after a hard day at the coal face with a cool breeze beating across your back, the sun beating down on your toil filled brow and a nice cold brewski in your paw. We saw this American Pale Ale on tap at our local and went straight for it, hoping that it would be the ideal thirst quencher for the summer heat.

Vocation_Brewery_3200_x_2000_7_largeThis beer pours as a golden sunshine yellow liquid, highly effervescent in nature which produces a good thick creamy head to top off the ale. Instantly you are hit with beautiful aromas issuing forth from the beer tempting you off to a tropical paradise. Mangos, and pineapples are fairly obvious followed up with subtle hops. This could well be a belter for the summer months.

The taste then. You are immediately bludgeoned with tropical fruits, mangos in particular, as the thick slightly creamy beer flows across your palate. Hints of pineapple and other fruits give you a slightly sweet yet refreshing taste sensation whilst the subtle hopiness adds character to this flavour bombardment. Smooth malts carry the two contrasting flavours together in harmonious rapture, combining them into a superbly well-balanced ale. Subtle resins again blend into the mix to add a nice bitter quality to keep the fruits under control.

With its ABV at a respectable 5.3% this is a pretty stunning beer. Great for the hotter weather and perfect for the beer garden. Refreshing yet not overly sweet, its combination of mangos and tropical fruits mix well with the pine resin and hops to give a good balanced ale. Wonderfully crisp and worthy of a second if not third visit. With the brewery only being open for a few months this is a remarkable beer and we look forward to trying the rest of their catalogue.

ABV: 5.3%