I found this beer propping up the back bar of my local and viewing the posh label and the hefty price tag (£7.60 for a 750ml bottle) I felt like I would treat myself to something special. Evolving flavours + local spelt + 100% wild ferment was the tag line on the front. Lets find out how that ended up then shall we?

SpellboundThis pours straight from the bottle with almost zero head, only a minuscule creamy top which dissipates almost immediately. Hints of fruit come off from this beer, however the hit of aroma is fairly subdued. Apricots and melons are vaguely distinguishable alongside the presence of yeasty overtones and citrus hops. Not massively impressive but onto the flavours.

Again with the taste the initial flavour palate is confusing. You are built up with the  on the bottle and once you taste the beer you find yourself picking the bottle up to see if you read the description wrong. The flavours are subtle bordering on non-existent. Thin and lacking in any obvious taste this beer is a massive let down. There are little hints of malts and earthy notes but the main selling point of 100% brettanamyces is barely apparent if at all. The spelt is non-existent also. With the main taste being of a thin, weak light ale the alcohol content of 4.5% doesn’t help with any flavour leaving the beer coming across as a massive let down.

Spellbound2With the blurb on the bottle promising so much and using such phrases as “Brewing doesn’t need to be confined by rules, tradition or ingredients; by adding a Wild 5th ingredient or process to our beers we want to give you a truly memorable drinking experience, altering your perceptions and thrilling your tastebuds“, after tasting the beer you feel like you have been suckered into some sort of craft beer/ hiptster bloviation trap. I tried it. I read the bottle. I thought, this sounds great and interesting. It ended up being one of the dullest, most uninspiring beers I have had the misfortune to try. All talk and no trousers, well if it had trousers they would be some ironic turn-ups. Dreadful. As it states, Please enjoy this unique offering in your favourite stemmed glassware, or the bin. Whichever way your trousers are turned.

ABV: 4.5%