The Reverend James

The Rev. James beer is one steeped in history. Acquired after the purchase of Crown Buckley, Rev. James is brewed to an original recipe dating back to 1885. The beer is named after one of the original owners of Buckley Brewery, the Rev, James Buckley, a business man with two conflicting roles – saving souls and satisfying thirsts.

revjamesThis pours out as a ruby-red coloured ale. Typical of a traditional pint of bitter. The main aromas coming from this pint are of malt and a subtle hint of hops. The aroma was quite weak though, nothing powerful or obvious. Upon the taste the predominance of bitterness from hops is to the fore. Subtle hints of roasted malt and nuts come through but are so far in the background you almost think you are making up the fact you have tasted them. Mild hints of caramel linger but the overall bitterness invades your taste buds and doesn’t let go. This stomps over all other flavours leaving you wanting more from this ale. The bitterness lingers on after the beer has been drunk.

Overall I would call this an average run of the mill bitter. Nothing special, good enough to beat true generic bitter like John Smiths and its ilk but not worthy of standing up to a proper pint. Average at best.

ABV: 4.5%