Them & Us

Them_Us_BGThis beer was the first ale we decided to try from our new Beer52 beer box, we plumped for this one as it had been made in collaboration with Beer52 themselves. The members of the club were given the task of nominating a brewery and a style of beer to make therein, Vocation were the brewery of choice and a red session IPA was their brew du jour. So what better beer to try as our first forray into Beer52 land, a beer made by the people, for the people. All hail!

The beer is encapsulated within the usual classy looking can design from Vocation, clean and crisp looking hopefully resonating the beer within. With a swift pull the can was open and the beer issuing forth into the glass of choice. Russet in colour with a slight haze it pours well into the glass creating a slightly off creamy thick head dissipating quickly leaving a light lacing. Aromas are clean and pronounced, giving us ideas of sweet fruits, some tropicality too with mango and passion fruit this mixes well with a subtle maltiness which just enriches the aroma.

Them_Us_BGThe flavours continue onto the palate with the tropical notes enlivening the tongue with bursts of mango and pineapple then transferring into citrusy zest. This zest lingers only momentarily before moving into subtle bitterness rounding off the flavour landscape well, leaving you ready for more. The beer is nicely balanced between fruity flavours and slight hoppy bitterness, it never feels overpowering in either and this is to its credit. A decent 4.5% ABV gives it a superb session standing and with its great all round flavour only makes this more so. We’d happily go back for a couple more of these little tins of awesome!