Vanilla Wheat Stout

This wheat beer pours very dark, almost black, and so its wheat origins are hard to see first off. A good creamy head, almost tan in colour. It gives off a good aroma of malt with a subtle hint of vanilla bean, slight hints of chocolate permeate through as well.  

VanillaWheatStoutUpon drinking it the first thing that hits you are the malts, strong and robust; however, this then dissipates off the tongue leaving the rest of the palate feeling slightly weak. Subtle hints of vanilla and chocolate burst in, but that’s it. It leaves a pleasant rounded feel to the mouth and is a nice pint but the complexities stop there.

The use of a German wheat yeast and a part wheat, part malt mix when making this beer seem a little lost. The overall hits of dark roasted malts and hints of chocolate mask the subtleties of a wheat beer process. The ABV gives it a good lift at 5.4% but does nothing to the overall beer.  A good pint, but not an outstanding one.