Wold Top Marmalade Porter (5%)


The Yorkshire Wolds are a beautiful part of the world and, with its home-grown barley and chalk-filtered water, the Wold Top Brewery is exceedingly well-placed to turn out quality beer. Established in 2003 by arable farmers and husband and wife team Gill and Tom Mellor, beer production has been the result of a much-needed diversification strategy, after generations of farming began to see less and less yield from traditional revenue channels. After twelve months’ research into the art of brewing, the Mellors were good to go and their brewery has gone from strength to strength in the intervening years, picking up a range of awards along the way. It’s a real success story from a group of people passionate about their location, their craft and their dedication to preserving the unique landscape around their property, and it’s something we love to see.

Wold Top’s Marmalade Porter comes in at a 5% ABV, but in all honesty, its depth of flavour and its considerable weight as a beer makes it feel like a somewhat higher percentage than that. This beer pours very black indeed with no light coming through, and it’s a clean pour with almost nothing in the way of lacing – only some large creamy bubbles, which didn’t hang around very long in my glass (but then the beer didn’t hang around very long, either).

The scent of this drop is divine, and here’s one beer where the promise of an exotic or unusual ingredient isn’t limited to the name only: the aroma and the taste here is absolutely stacked with orange, and not some overly sweet approximation of orange, either – this is real bitter orange through and through, and it’s a belter. Marrying perfectly with the sweeter malts present in the flavour, it’s well balanced and very pleasant, and the aroma continues to draw you back for more. I even got some other notes coming through in the end, some floral notes in the smell and some slightly treacly flavours in the beer.

A well-rounded array of taste and a great-bodied beer, Marmalade Porter is a highly original brew that I will certainly seek out again in the future. If you’ve been looking for a flavoured porter that does not disappoint, then I advise seeking out this one. You can check out the brewery’s website here for more information.